We Don't Sleep on Science

Although at Resty we believe the world needs more sleep, we don’t sleep on science. By using research conducted by sleep scientists, we created a product that resets the only part of the body humans can control – our breathing. By controlling our breath work, it scientifically sets off the body for a good night’s rest.

Racing thoughts, stress, worries, anxiety, noise all keep our minds from being able to shut off. When our minds are in overdrive it causes an imbalance in the nervous system which leads to the psychological response of Flight-Or-Flight.

When Fight-or-Flight is activated, our nervous system kicks into high gear which causes the body to speed up causing extreme alertness. This causes an influx of hormones including cortisol (which prohibits melatonin), adrenaline, norepinephrine all of which contribute to a racing heart, rapid breaths, and non stop thoughts. This vicious cycle is the culprit of sleepless nights since our body cannot calm down.

Breathing is the only aspect of the nervous system in which humans can consciously control. By controlling and focusing our thoughts on our breathwork, we can rebalance the nervous system and calm the body. By using Resty you will lower your breathing to 6 breathes per minute. Slow breathing at 6 breaths/min increases baroreflex sensitivity and reduces blood pressure throughout the body.

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